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We focus on holistic and regenerative practices with our land and animals. Our animals are out on pasture 365 days of the year living right off the land. Our animals are naturally raised and get to express their natural behaviours like flapping their wings, sun bathing, dust bathing, scratching at the ground and chasing bugs for the birds. Rooting at the ground, grazing the land, wallowing in the dugout and playing together for the pigs. The Beef live off of lush dense grass for most of the year and are bale grazed in the winter. Always out on the land with lots of space to roam. Our on farm meat shop offers any cuts of meat from our grass fed beef, pastured pork, free range chicken, turkeys and ducks. We are also creating healthy and affordable pet products. Spring Creek Farm is a part of the Harvest Moon Local Food Initiative, Small Farms Manitoba, Farm Fresh Food Hub, South Osborne Farmers Market as well as a direct market to customers all over the province. We do deliveries weekly into Winnipeg to make ordering healthy meat extremely easy for you!

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Louise, Cypress River
Spring Creek Farm has the BEST products around! They humanly raise all of their animals an...
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